WDC-900 All-digital Wireless Conference System


The WDC-900 system consists of the WDC-900M receiver, the WD-900C chairman transmitter and WD-900D delegate transmitter. It is a highly flexible, hardwired, digital
conference system for fixed and mobi le conference appl ications. With 83MHz bandwidth, up to 99 channels are compatible without interfering each other.
Because of this feature, the amount of channels won't be a problem any more. Rechargeable l ithium batteries ensure users to operate it for more than eight hours and

save money in dai ly use. The FIFO and chairman prior function provide more flexibi l ity and stabi l ity.It is the best choice for a medium and mobi le discussion system, or
as a large permanently instal led conference system where voting, delegate management, simultaneous translation and language distribution functions are needed.

WDC-900  All-digital Wireless Conference System
•  Automatical ly start the channel with only signals input, volume level can adjust
automatical ly
•  Power level output automatical ly control design, making sure to avoid the feedback of over
output when many systems are working together
•  Set any channel prior as users l ike, the gain of other channels wi l l automatical ly reduce 金沙7727赌城网站
whi le the prior one is operating
•  The last operating channel keeps on so as to keep the sound environments of the meeting
•  The system is control led by monol ithic, as many as 16 systems, total 128 frequencies can
be used in series

•  48V phantom power supply design of the system, helping input and monitor output