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August 2015 Perth High Electronic Technology Co. Ltd
RF Engineer
Recruitment: 2
Location: Shenzhen or Enping
Job requirements:
1 familiar with digital microwave circuit design and baseband processing;
2 familiar with the use of network analyzer, digital spectrum analyzer and other high frequency instruments;
Three over 3 years working experience in wireless audio transmission or related circuit design.
Acoustic Engineer
Recruitment number: 1 people
Job location: Enping
Job requirements:
1 familiar with the use of acoustic instruments;
Two more than 2 years working experience in acoustic design of small speakers.
Foreign trade clerk:
Recruitment number: number
Location: Shenzhen or Enping
Job requirements:
1 college degree or above;
2 international trade, English and other professional;
Four English 3 or above, oral English is better;
4 foreign trade companies or foreign companies in the relevant experience is preferred.
Sales engineer:
Recruitment: 2
Location: Enping or Shenzhen
Job requirements:
1 gender: Male
2 Education: college degree or above
3 major: electronics, sales and other professional (industry experience preferred)
3 years of manufacturing or sales experience in audio industry.
5 experience in engineering installation and after sales service for more than 1 years
PIE Engineer / technician:
Recruitment: 1
Job location: Enping
Salary: Negotiable
Job requirements:
1 college degree or above, major in electronics or institution.
2 over two years PIE working experience;
3 practical experience in DIP, assembly and packaging of electronic assembly plant.
4 can make the test fixture and test fixture repair, skilled use of milling machine.